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"Your Abs And Core Are Some Of The
MOST Important (And Often Neglected) Parts Of Your Physique..."

Hey Guys & Girls,

Brendan Meyers here... and I'm so excited to FINALLY open the doors to my newest Ab Program...


The #1 question I get on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is:

"Brendan, how can I get cut abs like yours?"

And I love that question, because it shows that you're FINALLY ready to make some positive changes in your body.

Abs Do MORE Than Make You LOOK Great?


Yes they do...

I know why you want to get that STRONG CORE and CUT ABS!

You want to show off for that special girl or guy in your life (or attract them into your life, haha).

We all like to look good.

And a strong set of abs will definitely turn heads when you take your shirt off.

But there's a lot more benefits to it than just the visual aspect of it...

A powerful core and a strong set of abs impacts your everyday performance in life!

A Super Solid Core Will Make A Huge Impact On Your ENTIRE Body...

Besides looking great with your shirt off or in a swimsuit, your abs and core are extremely important in everyday life!

You see, with every movement you make throughout the day, whether you're just doing stuff around the house
or you're doing your favorite athletic activity...

Your core is constantly getting engaged.

The strength of your core effects everything you do and every movement you make!

You Wanna See The World Upside Down?

Handstands are some of my favorite tricks to do every single day.

I do these everywhere... at home, at the beach, at the park, on the sidewalk... pretty much anywhere I can put my hands down.

A lot of people see this and think all the power comes from the shoulders, and totally ignore the role that your abs and core play in this move.

If you want to do handstands like I do, you're going to have to strengthen your abs and core like I have!

I'll help you get that powerful core and strong abs so you can play and see the world upside down too.

If You Want To Do Any Of The Cool Calisthenics Tricks I Do...

Most people know me from Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, where I post all sorts of pictures and videos of me doing cool calisthenics stuff...

You've probably seen me doing handstands, backflips, planche, human flags, and a whole lot of other cool stuff that makes me look like I'm super strong.

Well, of course, I am strong... But most people think it's the strength in my arms, shoulders, or chest that allow me to do that.

The truth is, my ABS and CORE is where I focus on getting strong.

Without a strong core, all of those tricks are impossible!

If you wanna be able to do that kind of stuff like me, you're gonna have to train your ABS and CORE like me!

Is This How Your Friends Hang With YOU?

This picture cracks me up because it's just me and my friends hanging out on a Sunday afternoon at the Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, California.

Everything you see going on in this picture is ONLY possible because we all have a powerful core and a strong set of abs!

Now you don't have to do all this kind of fancy stuff when you hit the sand, but it sure is fun being strong enough to do it if you wanted to.

My Ab Strengthening program will give you the baseline to start doing cool fun stuff like this with your friends, or performing at the highest levels of your favorite sports!

As you hang out with me and get going with my training, you'll notice a difference in your core strength in as little as 1 week (and be on your way to fun too)!

Having A Super Strong Core Is Crucial To:
  • Having Excellent Posture...
  • Having More Stability...
  • Having Better Balance...
  • Preventing Back Problems...
  • Breathing Better...
  • Having A Slimmer Waistline...
  • Performing Sports Better...
  • Performing Better In The Bedroom...
  • Performing Better In EVERYTHING YOU DO...
  • And A Whole Lot More!

Your core is THAT important to everything you do and every move you make every single day.

It's the first place I start when I work with EVERY client!


Thanks to Brendan Meyers. Yes, I have lost 70 pounds+ weight. I am happy and excited so much from my life. Thank you for your videos and programs.

Improved my physique
AND my confidence...

I've kept up so far with your workouts and this is where I'm at. 

I'm slowly shaping up my body, and my confidence has greatly improved.

Your motivation has led me to my 7th Degree Black Belt...

I wanted to let you know that you are one of the most inspirational and
genuine people I have ever known. Your daily posts and motivational statements are awe inspiring and the effect you have on others is purely shocking.

I've trained in Taekwondo for nearly 18 years, Judo and Kickboxing for 11 and a smattering of others for a number of years. Through all of that, I have aimed to be a concerned and genuine instructor for my students. You have helped me in developing that beyond what I initially thought possible.

Your inspiration has empowered me to motivate my students to achieve more than they set out amongst themselves, and in addition to this, your motivation has led me to accept an offer to test for my 7th degree black belt in Taekwondo, no small accomplishment on its own, but one I considered passing on as I felt I had come as far as possible.

In plain terms, you should be very proud of your accomplishments to the world in general. You are a powerful individual, and you have so much talent and potential, it pours out in your videos and posts.

Completely revitalized my
mind AND my body...

Thank you, Brendan!!!! You are THE man!! I have lost 230+ cumulative pounds since Dec 2012 through all natural nutrition, weight lifting, and cardio. I plan to eventually compete in a natural physique comp followed by a natural bodybuilding comp after that.

I had thyroid cancer, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, etc back when I was so unhealthy. I was taking 33 prescription meds a day. My cancer has been in remission since Sept 2013 and I no longer have any of the other illnesses either. I only take 1 prescription now. BIG changes in me!!!! A lot of that is due to you being 1 of my main inspirations. THANK YOU!

On My Way to Achieving the Physique of My Dreams...

I haven't finished yet, I'm still far from where I want to be. You have given me many tools to achieve my goals. I continue to use them everyday as well as live by a code. Never say you can't yet.

Gained 65+ Lbs of

I am Khaled, 15 years old. I gained 21 kg (46-67 lbs) from only calisthenics and no supplements. Your photos and transformation inspired to push harder. The tutorials helped me a lot in my training. Thank you

Learned to NEVER GIVE UP!

For the past year I have followed Brendan’s videos, programs, and motivation. It has been the fuel to not only better myself, but to never give up, thank you Mr. Meyers for everything you do.

And many, many more...

Simply put, your satisfaction is guaranteed. When you take action and follow the training sessions I share with you in my BCutAbs program,  YOU WILL GET RESULTS!

Isn't It Time You Let Your "Freak Flag" Fly?

I'm sure you've heard that saying before about "letting your freak flag fly"...

I think this picture is a great representation of that, haha.

However, in spite of what most people think, you don't have to be a "freak" of any sort to do this move... (it's called the Flag)...

BUT... you do need a POWERFUL CORE and STRONG ABS!

I trained my core and abs to be able to do this move anytime I want, anywhere I want.

When you join my Ab Strengthening program below, you'll make fast progress with the workouts I do with you, and pretty soon, you'll be strong enough to do this kind of stuff too, if you want to.  :)

I can't wait to see you posting pics on Instagram of you doing this kind of fun stuff!

BCutAbs - Ab & Core Strengthening Program
The BCutAbs Workout Program is a specially designed 10 week online training system designed to help you get that strong set of abs and powerful core.

You will gain instant access today to the member area that includes the downloadable daily training guide outlining the exact exercises you need to do each day, along with how many sets, and how many reps for your level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) and more!

You'll also get instant access to the VIDEO workouts with me where I show you exactly how to perform the exercises with proper form and intensity to get MAXIMUM results!

You can do these workouts at home, at the gym, at the park, or ANYWHERE you want, without any special equipment needed.

Each workout will build upon the previous and you'll feel a difference in your core strength in as little as a week, as you take consistent action!

Get instant access below and start your workout with me today!

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 I'm Committed To Building My Abs  & Core Strength,
And I'm Committed To Achieving The Physique
 of My Dreams TODAY!



You'll get instant access to my full Ab Workout Program for VIP DISCOUNT of 50% off the normal price of $100.95.  That means you get it right now for a one-time investment of only $49 today!

I look forward to welcoming you into my family full of positivity, full of consistency, full of dedication, and full of RESULTS!



P.S.  Imagine how awesome it will be to look back and celebrate all the amazing results you and I have achieved TOGETHER!

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